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Congratulations to 2015 - 2016 Merit Scholarship Winners!

Posted on June 5, 2015 3:43 pm by Paige Moore

The Department of Social Work would like to congratulate Social Work Students Glennetta Burrell (Junior) and Dana Saad (Junior) for being selected for 2015 - 2016 College Merit Scholarships!  We thank Social Work Faculty members who took the time to write letters of recommendation - they were greatly appreciated, as the competition for a limited number of awards was particularly intense. The scholarships were based on merit only (not considering financial need), and considered academics, leadership, and campus/community involvement.


Department of Social Work at NC State: New Student Successes

Posted on May 19, 2015 9:40 am by Paige Moore


New Student Successes!

Sierra Stanford is a junior in the BSW program. A video she made for an assignment in her human behavior class was selected by The New Social Worker magazine’s Social Work Month Series and Talent Show. For her video, Sierra interviewed her grandmother and aunt to highlight the developmental stage of older adulthood. The video can be seen on The New Social Worker website:


Student members of the department’s Student Affairs Committee developed and pretested a PowerPoint presentation aimed at students in the Community Social Services (SW 201). The presentation provides basic ethics education to students before they begin doing 40 hours of volunteer work in the community. Megan Peedin (BSW, May 2015) presented and evaluated the presentation for her Honors Program capstone project. She used the data she collected to write a report suggesting improvements. The revised presentation is now incorporated into the SW 201 syllabus and will be delivered at the beginning of each semester. Jason Tuell (MSW, May 2015) was instrumental in initiating, organizing, and developing the presentation. Other key players were: Erica Smith (MSW, May 2014), Amanda Miller (BSW, December 2014), Lacey Shankle (BSW, May 2015), Tahiri Tanyi (BSW, December 2014), and Ashley Shaw (BSW, May 2014; MSW, May 2015).

2014 - 2015 Department of Social Work Newsletter Staff and Letter From the Editor

Posted on May 15, 2015 5:00 pm by Paige Moore

Newsletter Readers,

We are pleased to provide you all with our annual 2014 - 2015 Newsletter from the Department of Social Work at NC State University. We thank you for reading and taking interest in NC State and for your continued commitment to achieving social justice. We hope that our newsletter has sparked your interest in this field and our university and we welcome any and all questions.


- Paige L. Moore

CaptureStaff Writer - Glenetta Burrell: Glenn Burrell is a rising senior studying social work at NC State. Born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, Glenn studied music performance at the SC Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities, where, apart from rigorous training, she was taught to restructure the way she sees the world with a critical eye for social analysis. Her college career began with a major in biology, but soon after, a sociology course (Current Social Problems) in her first semester inspired her to quickly change her interests and course of study. This transition to social work has intensified her passion for the humanities and expanded her knowledge of the world around her. It is to her studies, faculty and student interactions, and community experiences that she owes her passion for social justice.

Since the transition, Glenn has seized every opportunity to get involved and stay engaged in justice-focused organizations both within and outside of the Department of Social Work. Just a few of her activities have involved working in case management with Lutheran Family Services—Refugee Resettlement; membership in the Epsilon Kappa Phi Alpha Honor Society; protesting sexual assault through annual volunteer work with Take Back the Night; and advocacy work on the Diversity Retention and Recruitment Committee. Additionally, she studied abroad in the summer of 2014 in Guatemala where she taught English in local schools. At the broader University level, Glenn plans to use her leadership in Student Senate, the Student Centers Board of Directors, and the Housing Conduct Judicial Board as outlets for applying the social work skills that she has acquired to creating campus-wide change.

unnamed (1)Staff Writer - Teyara Hudson: Teyara Hudson is a Senior in Social Work with a minor in Spanish. She was raised in from Winston-Salem, North Carolina but, upon graduating hope to move to Raleigh to continue her education and obtain her MSW. Hudson plans to become a School Social Worker and work for Wake County Public Schools.





Staff Writer - Nicole Kilpatrick: Nicole Kilpatrick is an upcoming 2015 graduate of NCSU’s Master of Social Work program. She earned a BA in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. As an intern at SouthLight Healthcare, she co-facilitated groups and conducted individual sessions with clients seeking substance abuse and mental health treatment. She was also the first Social Work intern for the Wake County Public Defender’s Office, where she developed their social work department. Her tasks included cultivating partnerships with local community
agencies, coordinating informal jail diversions and providing case management for clients involved in the criminal justice system.

Kilpatrick is an active in the dance and prison ministries in her church. She serves as an inspirational speaker for youth group and women’s ministry engagements in Wake County and across North Carolina. Nicole enjoys traveling, visiting local street fairs and festivals, reading suspense novels, baking, trying new restaurants, and making natural soaps and body scrubs.

Staff Writer - Casey Mackey: Casey Mackey is a senior with in the Department of Social Work here at NC State. Hailing from Reidsville, North Carolina, his passion for helping youth has driven him to pursue a career in social work with a focus on child welfare. Upon graduating this summer, he plans to work with young adults with in the foster care system and be an advocate for positive change before applying to graduate school.
Mackey is also very active on campus. As well as working in the Department of Social Work’s front office, Casey also works at Case Athletic Center as an academic monitor. Alongside of his responsibilities on campus Mackey partakes in a lot of social organizations as well. Some of these organizations include African American Male Mentor groups such as Pack’s P.A.C.T. and Collegiate 100 to various service organizations including Reach Out and Touch and Habitat for Humanity. Mackey has also filled many leadership rolls including being co-founder and president of the Men in Social Work organization as well as treasurer for the Baccalaureate Students of Social Work Organization. He currently serves as the Keeper of Finance for the Kappa Lambda Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated in which he was initiated in the spring of 2014.
Macley has enjoyed his time here at NC State as a member of the Wolfpack. Moving forward he said he will always remember the times he has shared with his friends and fellow classmates. “You never know where this crazy thing called life will take you. Your presence in a space may be temporary but the memories you make with the one you love last forever.”


Editor, Staff Writer - Paige Moore: Paige Moore is a May 2014 NC State alumna with her B.A. in Political Science. She is currently serving the Department of Social Work as the University Program Assistant to Department Head Dr. Karen Bullock, Editor of the Department of Social Work's 2014 - 2015 newsletter and serving as Transitional Academic Advising Coordinator. Moore joined the department in November of 2014 and has enjoyed working there since.




unnamed (3)Staff Writer - Adriana Ognibene: Adriana Ognibene is an undergraduate in the social work department. She is a lover of coffee, cats, and fighting for social justice wherever and whenever necessary.




Staff Writer - Jason Tuell: Jason Tuell is a staff writer for the Social Work Department newsletter.  His most important work has been counseling adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities with co-occurring mental illness, a career which began in 2009.  Before that time, he worked with children with dual diagnosis. Tuell graduated from NC State with his MSW in May 2015.

SW 560 Students Speak with Legislators Regarding Population's Concerns

Posted on May 15, 2015 4:26 pm by Paige Moore

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As part of their class assignment, Master's of Social Work students enrolled in the Department of Social Work's SW 560 class attended the National Association of Social Workers  - North Carolina (NASW - NC) Advocacy Day on March 25, 2015. SW 560 (Advanced Policy Practice with Organizations and Communities) examines how social workers collaborate with organizations and communities to intervene in social policy. As part of this class, students are required to learn who their home NC district's representatives are and reach out to them while visiting the NC General Assembly during Advocacy Day. The goal of this assignment  is to acquaint students with the NC General Assembly and their own legislators.

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students gathering for Advocacy Day


NASW - NC Advocacy Day began with a small seminar led by NASW members regarding why social workers should be involved in policy and advocacy. NASW members like Kay Castillo, detailed what to expect from representatives and different ways to approach them. She also used her own success in advocacy to demonstrate the various types of jobs available to social workers ad that they should never limit themselves. Speakers discussed how taxpayer dollars pay the salaries of the representatives and how attendees had a right to be there because in a way, political representatives are the people's employees.

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outside and inside the NASW - NC seminar

While visiting, each student attended committee meetings and witnessed law-making in action; adding to the discussion by presenting questions for legislators from the public and expressing the concerns of underrepresented populations or future client populations. By providing students with the opportunity to voice their opinions/views as both citizens and social workers, they were able to advocate for certain bills or they did or did not support. Many attendees, including the Department of Social Work at NC State's SW 560 students, had already scheduled meetings with their representatives and had researched certain bills prior to Advocacy Day that they supported.

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Groups of students were divided based on their representative and meeting time. While waiting for meetings with representatives, one group met with Staff Attorney Wendy Graf Ray to discuss the policy-writing process.

119 122

The attending students really took a lot away from this experience. Many had not thought of careers in policy/advocacy prior to attending nor had they considered that they were the political representatives of their client populations. By breaking down the wall between social worker and politician, students saw that representatives were not individuals to be intimidated by, but individuals who have a responsibility to social workers and individuals to do everything within their power to improve the lives of North Carolinians.


Welcome from Dr. Karen Bullock, Head, NC State Department of Social Work

Posted on May 15, 2015 3:33 pm by Paige Moore


This year, the Department of Social Work at NC State  saw many accomplishments among our faculty, staff and students. As social workers, we are uniquely prepared to address issues of diversity, equity and social justice. Our online newsletter and our website bring you stories of many individuals, groups and communities engaged in our endeavors to carry the social work mission at NC State. I thank Dean Jeff Braden for his unwavering support for our department. I look forward to continuing to lead the department in our pursuit of student success, interdisciplinary scholarship, research excellence, diversity and community engagement. We will accomplish this through research and scholarship opportunities and infrastructure as well as increased visibility of our BSW and MSW programs in the local, regional, national and international levels.

The continuation of federal grant funding within the department, which has created high impact learning options for students, is a priority. Dr. Willa Casstevens has a multi-year SAMSHA grant to continue her work in the area of Suicide Prevention and Dr. Jodi Hall received a large grant from the Health Research and Services Administration (HRSA), divisions of the US Department of Health & Human Services. Dr. Joan Pennell is the Director of the Center for Community and Family Engagement and is having much success across disciplines. As we look ahead, our goal is to expand upon existing partnerships to foster workforce development and mental health interventions that are exemplars of best practices.

We are saying farewell to colleagues, at the end of this academic year, who have contributed to the department, the college, the university and the community at large in significant and important ways. Professors Hayes, Allison, Martin, Fisher-Borne and Taliaferro (transitioning) are making major career moves. Hannah Allison has been accepted into a Sociology PhD Program at UNC-Chapel Hill. Crystal Hayes is starting a doctoral program in Social Work at the University of Connecticut and Suzanne Martin will enter the PhD program in Public Administration at NC State. Dr. Taliaferro has resigned as Graduate Program Director to engage in a scholarly research reassignment in the fall and will continue as a full-time tenured faculty member. Dr. Fisher-Borne has resigned for an appointment at the American Cancer Society (ACS). I wish them all the greatest of success in their transitions and new endeavors.

I am proud of all that the department has accomplished collectively, including the success of our Advisory Board. Together, we graduated 39 BSW students and 55 MSW students in spring of 2015 and 20 BSW students in the fall of 2014. This is a major accomplishment! We hired new faculty and staff who contributed tremendously to our existing academic team. Each individual uniquely enhances our capacity to carry out our mission to prepare graduates for the social work profession. I am most proud of our team effort to achieve success in teaching, research, scholarship, and service and community engagement!

I greatly appreciate the support of the advisory board members, donors, field supervisors and other community volunteers, without whom the NC State Social Work Program could not be all that it is, to so many, in so many ways.


Karen Bullock, PhD, LCSW
Professor/ Department Head