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Monthly Archives: April 2014

People Pay More Attention to the Upper Half of Field of Vision

A new study from NC State University and the University of Toronto finds that people pay more attention to the upper half of their field of vision. NC State psychology researcher Jing Feng, lead author of a paper on the work, says the finding could have ramifications for everything from traffic signs to software interface design.

The Trials of the Cherokee Were Reflected In Their Skulls

NC State forensic anthropologist Ann Ross and other researchers have found that environmental stressors – from the Trail of Tears to the Civil War – led to significant changes in the shape of skulls in the eastern and western bands of the Cherokee people. The findings highlight the role of environmental factors in shaping our physical characteristics.

English Prof is a Contender on Jeopardy!

Journalism professor Bob Kochersberger has wanted to compete on Jeopardy! for years. He's taken the annual online qualifying exam each January for years. He finally got the chance to answer statements with questions on a nationally televised game show. Read his first-hand account. And watch him compete on April 28!

Study Abroad Builds Skills, Understanding, Confidence

Tara Di Cassio, a senior in International Studies, spent two months studying in Amman, Jordan, expanding her Arabic language skills and knowledge of the Middle East.

Domestic Abuse Linked to Mental Health Problems in New Moms

A new study shows that domestic abuse is closely linked to postpartum mental health problems, including depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), in mothers. The research also found that specific types of abuse are associated with specific mental health problems. Sarah Desmarais, an assistant professor of psychology at NC State, is the lead author of a paper on the work.