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Murderers Who Killed During Robberies More Likely to Return to Crime When Paroled

Murderers who committed homicide during robberies are more likely to commit crimes again when they are paroled, compared to murderers who committed homicide under other circumstances, according to research from North Carolina State University and Harvard University.

Site Highlights NC State Student Leaders' Legacies

CHASS has a long history of fostering student leadership. That legacy is chronicled in a website created by NC State Libraries that uses oral histories, documents, photos and videos to share the experiences of more than 130 of the university's top former student leaders.

Foot Bones Allow Researchers To Determine Sex of Skeletal Remains

Law enforcement officials who are tasked with identifying a body based on partial skeletal remains have a new tool at their disposal. A paper recently published in the Journal of Forensic Sciences by Sheena Harris (MA, Anthropology '09) and Associate Professor of Anthropology Troy Case details how to determine the biological sex of skeletal remains based solely on measurements of the seven tarsal bones in the feet.

CHASS Alumni — Tony Caravano

As Deputy State Director for US Senator Kay Hagan, Tony Caravano (Criminology ‘04) called on the skills he honed as a CHASS major. “The ability to communicate today is probably one of the most under-rated skill sets that you will need when you leave school," says the former student body president and Caldwell Fellow. "And that’s something you get from [...]

CHASS Student of the Month - March 2009

Christina Scarano, March 2009 CHASS Student of the Month