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Maintaining a History of Excellence: The Department of Social Work at NC State's Masters of Social Work Program

  The MSW program at NC State began in 2009 when then Department Head, Dr. Joan Pennell and Dr. Cheryl Waites recognized the need both within the university as well as within the broader community for advanced training in the field of social work. After the initial needs assessment, Dr. Jocelyn Taliaferro, who is the current Department of Social Work's [...]

Nonprofit Governance Index 2012 Suggests Some Positive Trends and Continued Concerns

Nonprofits appear to be bouncing back, according to BoardSource’s Nonprofit Governance Index 2012. Compared to what was happening in 2010, nonprofits are launching more new programs and initiatives. Fewer nonprofits are cutting or freezing salaries.

Building Trust Across Sectors

Community-wide problems call for solutions that engage all sectors, but getting people with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and interests to work together effectively can be a challenge. New research findings tell us what factors impact trust and give guidance for unlocking the power of networks that involve more than one sector.

California grants to minorities grow

California foundations have significantly increased their grantmaking to minority populations over the past decade, says a new study.