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NC State Welcomes the World of Noh between April 9-12

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at NC State is pleased to present a special four-­day program on the celebrated noh theatre of Japan conducted by Theatre Nohgaku. Noh is a perfectly balanced stage art that incorporates subtle poetry, deeply expressive music, tautly controlled dance, and exquisitely crafted costumes and masks. Enjoyed by the samurai class in 14th century Japan, [...]

Cultural Critic Luis Duno-Gottberg Visits NC State

On March 19th Dr. Luis Duno-Gottberg, associate professor at Rice University, gave a talk at the Department of Foreign Languages entitled: "Lumpen Sovereignty: Mutations of ‘The People’ and The State in Contemporary Venezuelan Politics." Dr. Duno-Gottberg is the author of La humanidad como mercancía: La esclavitud moderna en América (2014) among other books, and specializes in 19th, 20th and 21st century [...]

In Language Acquisition "Rules" Don't Matter, Says Renown Expert Bill VanPatten

When it comes to acquiring a second language, "rules" — in the traditional sense of the word — don't matter. That was the controversial message that Dr. Bill VanPatten conveyed to his audience during a recent invited talk at the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. The talk was part of the department's Spring 2015 Brownbag/Research Talks series that this year includes lectures by [...]

Alum's Think and Do Response To Children's Cancer

Through Headbands of Hope, Jessica Ekstrom (Communication '13) embodies NC State's Think and Do approach to addressing challenges, even those faced by little girls who have cancer.

Student Researches Electronic Music Subcultures, Immigrant Treatment

The subculture of electronic dance music. How immigrants are represented in national media. Undergraduate Shelby Coury (sociology and anthropology) says the research she’s conducted in these disparate areas has been challenging, eye-opening, and hugely beneficial. She has gained experience, knowledge and confidence in her abilities as a researcher.