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Public History Internship - Samantha Smith

Historic preservation requires having the right tools for the trade.  Samantha Smith, a recent graduate of the MA Public History program, started her internship at Preservation Durham in July 2014 with an extensive toolkit. Transcription, interviewing, researching, Microsoft Excel, HPOWEB GIS mapping, and Adobe InDesign, were just a few of the skills and tools Samantha honed while assisting in the [...]

Public History Internship - Rebecca Lowe

Sometimes the "hands on" internship experience means physically handling anatomically abnormal specimens and medically mysterious models -- at least it does when you intern at the Mütter Museum, a renowned medical history museum in Philadelphia.  And that's exactly what Public History graduate student Rebecca Lowe did last summer. During her two months with the Mütter, Rebecca gained extensive experience in collections management, [...]

Public History Internship - Hayley Moll

Hayley Moll knows that she wants to be a museum curator one day. Last summer Hayley interned with the Greensboro Historical Museum. She inventoried the museum's extensive doll holdings, contributing to the preservation of the museum's collection of more than 25,000 tangible objects. "I greatly enjoyed seeing all the different types of dolls that people have collected throughout the years," Hayley said. "I liked imagining [...]

April Student of the Month

Christopher Stock is a political science freshman who is already a very active member of our college. He is an NC Republican Party intern, university ambassador, incoming president of the mock trial team, and a member of several other student groups. He aspires to have a career in law.

Solidifying Interests Through Internships

Sarah Smith (junior, Communication) is testing her interests, honing her skills, and finding lots of inspiration through some very different internships. She's gained confidence and learned to take risks. "It can be hard to juggle internships, class work, extracurriculars, and working to support myself, while still trying to enjoy the college experience," she says. "But this has allowed me to figure out what is most important to me."