In the News: How Should CEOs Adjust in the Age of Trump? There are Classes for That.

The Bellingham (Washington) Herald and other outlets are reporting that in the polarized and politically charged age of Trump, some educators are launching new courses to help their students prepare for business and other careers. NC State political scientist Mark Nance has not changed the curriculum of his classes, but he’s aware of — and welcomes — new dynamics that are playing out.

Students who may have been reluctant to express their conservative views now feel more empowered because of the president, he said. They’re more comfortable openly questioning Nance or fellow classmates during lectures on immigration and other divisive issues.

“My point is that those feelings have always been there, but they were not being brought out in class,” Nance said. “As an educator, I would much rather have them there and be stated than someone sit there and sort of steam and discount anything anybody is saying, including me.”