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Deadline to Enroll: Classes That Include a Chat With Margaret Atwood

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September 3, 2019 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Author Margaret Atwood will speak on NC State’s campus on Friday, November 15, 2019, 6:00 PM, Talley Student Union, State Ballroom. Students enrolled in the courses described below will meet with her in an hour-long group discussion on Friday, November 15, prior to the general event.

The deadline to enroll in these classes is September 3; space is limited.

Full details available at go.ncsu.edu/atwood

It’s impossible to talk about dystopian literature without mentioning Atwood. A true literary legend with over 50 novels, her writing has proved as timeless as it is prophetic. For instance, The Handmaid’s Tale—currently an Emmy-award winning Hulu series—feels as relevant today as it was when published in 1985. Atwood has always possessed the uncanny ability to predict the future of technologies and society, and nowhere is that more apparent than in her book Oryx and Crake: covering a host of issues including genetic manipulation, corporate domination, and global pandemics. Sharing her thoughts on the intersections of technology and humanity, Atwood challenges audiences to think critically and engage with the world around them from different angles, employing her expertise as a writer to the spoken word in a candid, relatable way.

Related Courses

Students enrolled in the following courses will read Oryx and Crake, and participate

WGS 350 — Emerging Issues in Women’s and Gender Studies: Feminist Futures

Instructor: Patsy Sibley, 3 credits

This experimental course seeks to both explore and disrupt dominant narratives of “the future” by exploring the possibilities of alternative futures as imagined by and with feminist communities and feminist thinkers. By examining critical technology studies, theories of feminist technoscience, and speculative and science fiction across media, we will work to interrogate the ways in which technologies have been used to create, sustain, or challenge systems of power and oppression and to imagine new possibilities. Prerequisites: WGS 200 or WGS/STS 210

STS 403 — Capstone Seminar in Science, Technology & Society

Instructors: Matthew Booker and Julie Wesp (2 sections), 3 credits

Capstone course for the Science, Technology, and Society [STS] major. Review of the principal theoretical and empirical issues of the field. Research project focused on each student’s STS specialty. Prerequisite: STS 214, STS or STB Majors

GES 591 — Special Topics in Genetic Engineering and Society

Instructor: Zachary Brown, Tuesdays 12-1 PM, 1 credit

The GES Colloquium hosts a local, national or international speaker weekly to discuss complex and contentious issues around genetic engineering and society.



September 3, 2019

8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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