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Frankenstein at 200: Science and the novel

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December 4, 2018 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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Helena Feder, Associate Professor, English, and Director, Great Books Program, East Carolina University, (link)
Matthew Booker, Associate Professor, History, and Director of the Science, Technology and Society program, NC State (link)


Final Colloquium of Fall 2018! Feder and Booker will discuss the history of the novella, its popular uses, and ask the group to discuss the question: Why is this story so well known and so popular among scientists? What about the monster and the doctor makes Frankenstein such a powerful and accessible metaphor when scientists and the public talk about genetic modification?


Helena Feder is Associate Professor of Literature and Environment at East Carolina University. She joined the faculty in Fall 2006. Helena is director of the Great Books Program. She is particularly interested in working with students in any of the following areas: twentieth-century transatlantic literature, philosophical approaches to literature, critical theory, feminist theory, the environmental humanities, and poetics.

Matthew Booker is Associate Professor of History at NC State. He directs the Science, Technology and Science program and heads the Archive of Agricultural Genetic Engineering and Society.


1911 Building Room 129
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